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Establishment and Early Years (1921-2003)

Handley High School (HHS) has a storied history.  The school is named for the founder of Handley Mills, Mr. W.A. Handley. An entrepreneur and businessman, Handley was also a state senator, co-writer of the 1901 Alabama Constitution, and United States Representative. This local leader left a generous sum of money to educators with the agreement that the school would take his name. Handley Public School was conceived in 1907 and established on June 21, 1921. From its inception, the institution has been dedicated to providing quality education and fostering personal growth among its students. This dedication extends to students of all races, an inclusion that began in the early 1970s when the Roanoke Training Center merged with Handley High School. Over the decades, HHS has continued to evolve and adapt to the changing educational landscape and community needs.

2003: Renovations

In 2003, Handley High School underwent significant renovations, revitalizing its facilities and creating a more conducive environment for teaching and learning. These renovations marked a commitment to maintaining a high standard of education and providing students with modern and comfortable facilities.

2006: Expansion and Upgrades

The year 2006 brought a series of significant additions and upgrades to Handley High School. A new gymnasium, band room, lunchroom, and renovation of the auditorium were among the improvements that further enhanced the school's capabilities and offerings.

2012 and 2014: Sporting Facilities

In 2012, HHS expanded its athletic facilities by introducing a new softball field, providing a dedicated space for student-athletes to excel in the sport. In 2014, the school continued to invest in sports education by inaugurating a new baseball field, ensuring that students had access to top-notch facilities for their sporting endeavors.

2017: Stadium Enhancements

The year 2017 marked a transformative period for Handley High School's sporting infrastructure. Extensive improvements were made to the Handley High football stadium, including the addition of a new weight room, installation of synthetic turf, a new track, a modern scoreboard, advanced lighting and sound systems, restrooms, and additional seating. These enhancements not only improved the overall experience for athletes and spectators but also showcased the school's dedication to excellence.

Diversifying Education (2006 and 2013)

In 2006, Handley High School introduced drama classes, providing students with an opportunity to explore their creative talents and develop their acting skills. In 2013, the school further expanded its educational offerings by establishing an outdoor education classroom, encouraging experiential learning and environmental awareness.

Throughout its rich history, Handley High School has continually evolved and adapted to meet the changing needs of its students and the community. It remains a symbol of educational excellence and innovation, preparing students for success while cherishing its legacy and commitment to academic growth and achievement.

The Legacy of Roanoke City Schools

Handley High School is an integral part of Roanoke City Schools' legacy. The history of Roanoke City Schools dates back to the early educational institutions in the area, including the Roanoke Male and Female Institution and Roanoke Normal College. These early institutions laid the groundwork for the educational excellence that Handley High School continues to uphold today, ensuring that the spirit of learning and personal growth remains vibrant in the community.